Reginald B. Wilson Jr. 
Affiliate Program Manager, Multimedia Artist, Application Developer.

Career Objective: 
To lead a team of producers dedicated to the innovation of kiosk design and interactivity.

Employment History: 
November 2001 - Present
Principal Designer - ·iQx2 Technologies - San Diego, CA
Responsibilities: Management of affiliate programs for iQx2 Customers, MLM business consulting, compensation plan design & implementation and technical support. Management of software development for sales and marketing tools. Author of the CoreXD affiliate marketing system used for sales tracking and compensation accounting. Author of the iQx2 SmartSite Dynamic Template system for web development.

June 2008 - Present
Principal Designer - VizHQ - San Diego, CA
Responsibilities: Management of kiosk design & fabrication, project coordination and cost estimation. Management of 3D visualization services including the creation of 3D art, interactive multimedia, 3d animation and digital video. Manager of creative and production resources utilized for the development of media.

Manager of creative and production talent for the development of visualization media focusing on project coordination and support.

April 2007 - February 2008
Lead Designer -Advanced Fabrication, Inc. - San Marcos, CA
Responsibilities: Designer of food service kiosks and coffee shops; 3D Drafting of construction plans for fabrication; 3D imaging of products for visualization; Producer of graphic art and fly-thru animations for marketing.

June 2004 - June 2005
Designer - Kelley Graphics - Carlsbad, CA
Responsibilities: Designer of graphic art for digital reproduction. Developer of data-driven applications for direct marketing support including coordinated mail and website advertising campaign software and automated response systems.

September 1999 - April 2001
Principal Designer - AZMYTH creative, Inc. - Dallas, TX
Responsibilities: Contract design and production of commercial art, interactive multimedia, web and 3D virtual imaging.

August 1997 - September 1999
Principal Designer - PixELATION! - Bedford, TX
Responsibilities: Design and production of interactive multimedia for corporate presentations. Live support and graphics operator for large venue corporate shows.

August 1995 - August 1997
Associate Director of Creative Services - First USA Paymentech - Dallas, TX
Responsibilities: Marketing support management of multiple corporate communications projects, production of interactive multimedia sales and investor presentations. GUI development and software package design. Credit card design and company-wide graphics support.

August 1991
Desktop Publisher/Art Director - H.D. Vest Financial Services - Irving, TX
Responsibilities: Production of all recruiting, promotional, and publication materials. Conversion of paste-up processes to electronic, production of color separations. Art Director in charge of the production of one bimonthly and one quarterly trade publication. Developed procedures for desktop publishing and print production.

February 1990
Film Stripper - Taylor Publishing Company - Dallas, TX
Responsibilities: Prepress preparation of film for yearbook production, construction of 16 page signatures and some process stripping.

March 1986
Architectural Draftsman - Bowen Structures - Bedford, TX
Responsibilities: Residential foundation design to be approved by Chief Engineer, technical illustration, structural report writing and construction blueprint creation.

1980-1983 - Southwest High School, Ft. Worth, TX.
Honors graduate with major studies including: basic computer programming, physics, architectural drafting and photography.

1990 -1993
Extensive job-based studies in the production of vector-based graphics for digital color separations, pixel-based art production and desktop publishing software.

Extensive job-based studies in cross-platform and multi-program design integration, 3D design, animation and digital video.

Extensive project-based studies in multimedia authoring and web development.

Extensive project-based studies in interactive media programming, design and integration, database driven multimedia delivery processes, animation scripting and virtual image creation.

Project-based studies in multimedia development utilizing game engines and delivery methods for interactive 3D content.

Project-based studies in .NET development and SEO techniques for marketing & ecommerce.

Concept & Design:
Photoshop, CorelDraw! AutoCAD and 3DS Max.

Print Production:
QuarkXpress, Indesign, Illustrator, Word and Acrobat.

Web Authoring:
Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, Beyond Compare, Redgate SQL Tools, Flash.

Interactive Media Development:
jQuery, HTML5, PowerPoint, Acrobat and Flash.

Virtual Imaging & Animation:
3D Studio Max, After Effects.

Digital Video Production:
After Effects and Premier.

Digital Audio Production:
Sound Forge, Vegas, Acid.

Scripting Languages:
VB Script, Javascript, jQuery, ASP, ASP.NET MVC, PHP, Lingo, Actions, CSS, HTML.

Programming Languages:
Transact SQL, VB; C#, cgi, perl.

Current Studies:
jQuery UI, App Development, HTML5..

Operating Systems:
Windows 7, XP Pro, XP Pro 64, 2000, ME, 9x, NT, MS-DOS & Mac OS.

Familiar with PC Assembly, upgrading and configuration, windows networking configuration, operating system and software installation for art production, game development and management information systems.

Familiar with AV setup for multimedia presentations and multi-track live audio recording.

Traditional Abilities: 
Able to create in a wide variety of wet and dry media, specializing in airbrush and mixed-media illustration. Also experienced in commercial photography and advertising copy creation.

Contact Information: 
e: r@iQx2.net p: (858) 926-0121
Currently residing in San Diego, California